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Avoid Shortcuts to Weight Loss

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The fitness craze in USA has made many people craving for perfect figures. However, not everyone is willing to undergo the process of consuming healthy foods and a regular weight training routine. At times, people opt for short cuts for weight loss (which includes crash diet) and experience negative side effects. We point out some of the serious side effects of drastic weight-loss.

Weight Loss

Muscle Loss- Muscle loss is the most common effect of rapid weight reduction. When the body is not provided with the essential nutrients, it uses the muscle mass to get energy. Loss of muscle mass results in a slow metabolism and this makes the person to gain weight rapidly once he/she switches to the regular diet.

Hanging Skin-Loose skin is another side effect of fast weight loss. This may also happen to people who have opted for a healthy diet to lose weight, but do not indulge in weight training or aerobic activities. Though the skin is elastic in nature, its shrinking and stretching process is slow. When there is massive weight loss all of a sudden, the skin hardly gets any time to adjust itself with the changing body and ends up being saggy and loose.

Loss of Hair- Hair loss is a common side effect of consuming diet that is poor in nutritional value. Protein is essential for the growth of hair and for maintaining its luster. Liquid or very low-calorie diet usually includes a small percentage of the protein that is actually required. The result is that lack of protein leads to brittle and dry hair, and ultimately to hair loss.

As discussed above, resorting to crash or liquid diets will bring in more problems rather than solving them. Stick to a healthy, nutritious diet, along with proper weight training routine and you will be living healthy for the rest of your life.

Think healthy and live healthy!


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