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Explore Squat Training With Westside Barbell

Monday, December 20, 2010

Squat training is a crucial aspect of powerlifting and there are many people who are interested in details about the squat training routine. In Westside Barbell, squat training is split up into two days-one on Monday and the other on Friday. Squat training on Monday aims to work on the muscular system with the aid of maximum effort strength training and on Friday, the purpose is to train the neuromuscular system. This is done with the help of the dynamic effort training.

Squat Training,Westside Barbell,Louie Simmons

Monday-Monday starts with any special exercise which could be either dead lift, squat or good mornings. Westside Barbell provides nearly 60 variations of all these exercises. This gym strongly believes that it is important to perform different types of exercises so that the body does not stop reacting to the grueling workouts. It must be provided with new stimuli (in the form of new workouts) regularly. We provide a brief overview of the different types of good mornings, squats and deadlifts that are being practiced at the Westside Barbell.

Good Mornings-

Regular good mornings-You can perform regular good mornings with either an arched or a round back.

Good Mornings off Pins-Place the bar on any selected pin (which can be of any height) and duck under it. Adjust it in the good morning position and pull the bar up to the standing position. Good Mornings off Pins can be performed with an arched or a rounded back.

Hanging Bar Good Mornings- Adjust the bar in the rack with help of the chains. Select the ideal height, duck under the bar and lift the bar to the standing position.

Deadlifts- For performing various types of deadlifts, Westside Barbell encourages the use of multiple stances, chains and bands.

Squats-For squat movements, Westside Barbell advocates the use of training devices such as belt squats, safety squat bar, front squat harness etc.

Monday workout consists of various types of exercises. Group 1 is known as the max effort exercise and it consists of the workouts (i.e. squats, deadlifts and good mornings) we mentioned above. We will provide more information about group 1 and other types of workouts in our next blog post.

Until then, have a blast!


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