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Assault – The Preworkout Matrix MusclePharm

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Assault is a clinically proven performance booster. It is a combination of various powerful and naturally occurring substances, which can enhance your strength-building routine and sports performance. It works synergistically to help your muscles to gain true increased energy at the cellular level; the result is dramatically improved sports performance.

MusclePharm’s Assault

Key ingredients of Assault:

Per serving of MusclePharm’s Assault offers 40,000mg of hardcore active ingredients. This power booster provides muscle-fueling and anti-fatigue formula to allow you to train longer and harder and lift more weights. It will also help to increase the anabolic environment; as a result, you will response faster to your weight training. In addition, MusclePharm’s Assault helps to recover faster, and increase oxygen saturation, blood flow, and energy output. The other advantages of this performance booster include improved mental focus without overstimulation, and increased nutrient delivery to working muscles.

The main ingredients of Assault are:

• 4G of Beta Alanine: It helps to increase your muscular contractility as well as supercharge endurance and crush fatigue.

• Creatine HCL: Assault includes the most powerful forms of Creatine i.e. Creatine HCL and Creapure. These ingredients offer strength, volume, and explosive power. Though licensed for use, Creatine HCl is patent pending.

• Suma Root: Many Russian athletes use this “Russian Secret” for years for achieving strength and muscle building. Suma Root is the secret weapon of MusclePharm’s Assault. It is a strength-and muscle-building herbal and serves as a natural performance-boosting component.

• Arginine: It helps to enhance cellular oxygenation, volumization, and nutrient delivery to the working muscles. Arginine helps in muscle recovery and growth.

• Citrulline Malate: This fuel aerobic energy provider maximizes muscular energy production, enhances strength-training performance, and delays the onset of muscular fatigue.

MusclePharm’s Assault also includes Con-Cret i.e. Concentrated Creatine, which is registered trademark product of ProMera Health, LLC.


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