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Diet Tips for Building Chiseled Six-Pack Abs

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ask men which part of the body they would love to flaunt and most of them would say a strong, tight and ripped abdomen. A six-pack abs would be the perfect icing on cake for most people. To achieve six-pack abs, you must follow a healthy diet and indulge in strength training and cardiovascular exercises regularly.

Six-Pack Abs

Check out following tips regarding the healthy eating plan you should follow to get those ripped abs.

Tip 1-Avoid eating three large meals. Instead, opt for 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day. Your diet should have balanced proportions of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Tip 2-It is important to make your diet rich in proteins when you are aiming for six-pack abs. Consume lean meat, eggs and cottage cheese. These proteins will help you to build up the ab muscles and enhance your overall appearance.

Tip 3-Reduce your daily fat intake but do not cut it out of the diet plan completely. Eat good fats such as salmon, olive oil in moderate amounts.

Tip 4-Include healthy carbs such as brown rice, whole-wheat grains, fruits and vegetables in your diet plan. They will provide you with required energy, nutrition and yet have fewer calories. Stay away from pastas, noodles and sugar-rich foods. Satisfy your sugar cravings by munching an apple or any other fruit.

Tip 5-Drink loads of water (half a gallon every day) to ensure that you don’t suffer from dehydration. Don’t consume aerated or energy drinks because they are usually loaded with high calories.

These health tips will not only help you in building fabulous six-pack abs, but also enhance your overall lifestyle. In our subsequent blogs, we will provide tips with regarding how cardiovascular and strength-training exercises can help you to build the six-pack abs.


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