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Get Rid of Flab with Strength Training Exercises

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weight training has become a popular fitness program for common people and professional athletes as well. When done correctly, weight training can help one to lose weight, increase strength and enhance the bone density. However, if you don’t follow the basic rules of this useful fitness program, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits and may end up being injured. We provide some do’s of strength training.

Strength Training Exercises

• It is advised to start your fitness program with a weight that you can lift easily for 12-15 times. You can start increasing the weight once your strength enhances and you become more confident.

• To enjoy the benefits of strength training exercises, it is crucial to do all them in the right manner. If you fail to maintain the correct form, try reducing the number of repetitions or the weights. Ask for proper guidance from your fitness trainer.

• Many people tend to hold breath while lifting weights. This can lead to dangerous consequences such as sudden increase in blood pressure. The general rule is to exhale when you lift the weight and inhale as you put down the weight.

• Target all the major muscle group of the body such as legs, abs, back, shoulders. Work on the opposing muscles in a balanced manner, for example, the front muscles of the shoulder as well as the back muscles.

• Take adequate rest between the exercise sessions and don’t work on the same muscle groups for two consecutive days.

Remember that the more you perform strength training techniques correctly, the more you will benefit from this fitness program. In our next post, we will point out the don’ts of this exercise program.


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