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Lose Weight with Zumba Group Exercise Class

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zumba group exercise classes offered by 24 Hour Fitness health club is challenging, rewarding and healthy. Just like other group exercises offered by this health club, Zumba is fun and exhilarating. It’s truly something you can't wait to do again! Beto Perez creates this health and fitness program by blending easy to follow dance moves with Latin dance rhythms. As a result, your Zumba group exercise classes feel just like a night out dancing.

Zumba Group Exercise

If your goal is to get into the gym and have a well toned body, group exercise class like Zumba will make it much easier to achieve.

A Zumba group exercise class is around 30 to 55 minutes in length. However, the time usually depends on the instructor. The classes include interval training and incorporate fast and slow rhythmic movements. These movements, when combined with resistance training and cardio exercise, provide one of the best ways to burn fats, and tone and sculpt your body. At Zumba classes, both fun and successful weight loss are guaranteed.

Non-dancers, who have never set their feet on the floor, can also have fun and lose weight in a Zumba group exercise class. The dance movements of this fitness program are simple and easy to follow. Generally, instructors include moves from various Latin dance styles such as Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, and Mambo. Some instructors also incorporate belly dance and swing moves into the mix to create an international flavor.

Zumba group exercise class is a popular fitness program of 24 Hour Fitness health club. It is so fun and exciting that you are likely to forget that you are working out to lose weight. To try Zumba today, use the Club Finder and get enrolled to a Zumba group exercise class near you.


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