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Maximize Your Fitness Potential with the Workout Schedule

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It is the first month of the year and the perfect time for plan your fitness routine. Creating a workout schedule makes you feel motivated and can be said to be the first step for fulfilling your fitness goals. We provide few tips regarding how you can put together an ideal fitness routine.



• Grab the weekly calendar and figure out how many days of the week you are ready to workout. Ideally, it is suggested to opt for weight training exercises for 2-3 days a week and aerobics for rest of the days. Keep aside one or two days for rest and allowing your body to heal.

• Carve out your workout schedule according to your fitness goals. Give more importance to weight training exercises if you want to build lean muscles. Alternatively, all those who are looking forward to some gentle, low-impact exercises can choose to walk for most days of the week.

Weight-training Exercises:

• It is recommended to set aside 45-60 minutes for weight lifting exercises. Avoid resting for more than sixty seconds between the sets.

• Opt for weight training exercises that work on all the major muscle groups. Perform different kinds of workouts so that you are never bored and are able to challenge the body on a consistent basis.

• You can split the workouts as you become more comfortable with the schedule. A good example would be to work on the triceps and chest on day 1, biceps and back on day 2 and targeting shoulders and legs on day 3.

• It is important to remember that growths of muscles are hampered if you do not allow them to rest for sufficient period. Allow every muscle group 1 or 2 days of rest between the exercise sessions.

It is important to give priority to one’s personal preferences and goals while chalking out the workout schedule. In our next blog post, we will provide tips with regard to cardiovascular exercises. Keep rocking!


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