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Secret Tips to Spice Up Your Fitness Program

Monday, January 24, 2011

Adherence to a strict diet plan and regular execution of fitness programs are considered the sure-shot ways of weight-loss. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the fact that little changes in the dietary and exercise habits can make you lose weight faster. We point out few fitness habits that will help you to drop pounds in lesser time.

Fitness Program

• The rest time between the sets and reps of the fitness program is crucial. In fact, modification of the rest time has a huge impact on the entire exercise routine. In addition, remember that your rest time must be in accordance with your fitness goals. If you are aiming for development of explosive power, rest for atleast 3 minutes. If the goal of your strength-training program is to have bigger muscles, opt for a rest period of 30-60 seconds.

• No matter whether you are executing strength training or aerobic workouts, always maintain an exercise journal. Some may consider this a little obsessive, but this step will help you to analyze your fitness goals more realistically. Note down the type of exercise you are doing (strength training, powerlifting etc), the reps, sets and the rest period between the sets.

• Opt for exercise sessions in the early morning. When you indulge in some high-intensity fitness-training program in morning, it sets the mood for the rest of the day. Exercise provides a feel-good factor and when you work out in the morning, you can relish the sense of accomplishment throughout the day. This will also help you to stick to the workout routine more successfully.

Take your fitness training routine to the next level with the help of these tips. In our next post, we will provide you some more secret suggestions. Keep rocking!


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