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Exercises that Helps in Increasing Bench Press

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In our previous post, we discussed the tips that will help the powerlifters to increase their bench press. In addition, some exercises help in increasing weight on bench press. In powerlifting bench press, many muscle groups are included. And it is important that lifters include each muscle group in their strength-training program.

bench press
Powerlifters must have strong triceps. To build one, they can begin with heavy compound lifts. Some of these include dips and close-grip bench press. While finishing, the lifters must incorporate a few isolation exercises including cable pushdowns and skull-crushers.

Lats too play an important role in powerlifting bench press; therefore, one must train them hard. Lifters can incorporate lat pull-downs and pull-ups in their weekly strength training workouts. It is also advice to opt for some rowing exercises on a regular basis.

It is often believed that bigger benchers usually have huge delts. This is so true! To get huge delts, one can include dumbbell raises and military press in their weekly strength training workouts.

Some additional tips:

• Powerlifters must focus on their muscles contracting while lowering the bar. During the concentric phase, this will help them to explode driving the weight up.

• Lifters can bring the bar lower on their chest by tucking their elbows in towards their body. In addition, try to reduce the strain on shoulders.

• Keep the quads tight throughout the lift and the heels flat on the floor.

• Keep the lats tight during the lift.

These exercises along with a proper strength training routine will help the powerlifters to increase weight on their bench press. If you like our tips feel, free to leave comments. Also, let us know more about your strength training routines.


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