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Exploit Belt Squat Machine for Strength Training Exercises

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Squat is a type of strength training exercise that is excellent for the lower body. It works on areas such as hips and thighs, and helps to strengthen ligaments and bones of the lower part of the body. Squats also help to tighten the abdominal core muscles and enhance the size and strength of buttocks and legs. Squats can be of various types such as full squats, box squats, back squats and front squats. The different varieties of squats help the exerciser to mix and match the strength-training workout sessions so that it remains fun and interesting.

Belt Squat

A great way to start squat training is to go for the Belt Squat Machine. This innovative fitness equipment enables a person to enjoy a full squat training on areas such as legs and glutes. In addition, with this machine, you do not need to put a bar on your back.

The Belt Squat Machine is easy to use. Adjust the plates on the weight pegs, place your feet on the platform, connect the cable with the squat belt and start the exercise session! There is sufficient platform space so that you do not need to bother about issues such as stability and safety. This fitness equipment also provides the perfect opportunity to perform a number of squats such as box squats, split squat stances, and even stationary lunges.

The Belt Squat Machine is not restricted to squat training alone. You can do pull-throughs by attaching the pair of web handles. Add a single handgrip and perform exercises such as curls, rows and tricep extensions. Deep grip pulls can be performed by using V- Grip. You can also attach a lat pull-down bar and perform Zercher squats.

As described above, the Belt Squat Machine is perfect for those who love in indulge in squat training. However, at the same time it will hardly disappoint those who love performing other forms of strength training exercises.


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