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Fight Your Way Back to Good Health

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Many of us have gone through the trauma of relishing benefits of a new exercise routine and then being forced to stop it because of a nasty injury. While it is not possible to continue with the workout sessions with a bruise, there is no need to put a total end to the workout sessions either. You should enjoy a healthy lifestyle while your body is taking time to heal itself. You can consider the following points-

• When you have a serious injury, it is better to opt for a healthy diet that contains all the essential nutrients. Avoid any extreme diet but do not forget about your ideal calorie intake either. Consult the doctor about your nutritional requirements and enquire whether you can take any health supplements.


• Stretching is a good way to keep you healthy while recovering from an injury. Depending on the type of injury, you can opt for static or passive stretching. In static stretching, a person is required to assume a position and hold it on for few seconds or minutes without any assistance. In contrast, passive stretching involves use of an external aid (a person or any device) for further stretching of the muscles. Remember to be careful while stretching.

• Apply your imagination and creativity while exercising during an injury. For example, if you have a leg injury, you can try light weight lifting with the arms. Spinning classes are ideal for those who have an injured arm.

• You can pamper your body and mind with some relaxing massages. They are known to soothe the tensed nerves and stretch those muscles, which cannot be stretched in the usual way. In addition, massages will also help to eliminate the pain and increase blood circulation in the body.

Think positive, use your free time intelligently and most importantly, listen to your body. Remember that no injuries will last forever.

Stay healthy and happy!


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