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Matt Chan is Implementing Westside Barbell Programming into CrossFit

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Matt Chan, the top competitor of 2010 CrossFit-USAW Open and CrossFit Games, said that he is he saw the benefits of Westside Barbell programming and has decided to implement a strength focus based on it. Westside Barbell, a club for serious powerlifters, advocates the use of conjugate method. The legendary powerlifter Louie Simmons is the strength trainer of this club.

Matt Chan 2010 CrossFit-USAW Open

At the CrossFit Powerlifting Certification that he attended last February, Chan learned the program and started implementing it in his strength training workouts. However, Chan does not possess all the specialized equipment, and uses what he has. Moreover, he uses certain creative approaches to replicate squatting to a box, pressing with boards and squatting with accommodating resistance.

Chan experienced the benefits of the program; within four months, he went to a 435-lb back squat from a 405-lb. back squat. This was his record progress that he made during the last two years. Matt Chan has decided to use a strength focus for the coming three months and then re-evaluate the progress. The programming includes a modified version of Westside Barbell programming along with the CrossFit met-cons as well as Olympic lifts.


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