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Powerlifting Tips for Beginners: How to Increase Bench Presses

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some simple techniques can help powerlifters to increase the weight on their bench press. And both novice and experienced lifters can incorporate these techniques in their strength training programs. Powerlifters need to focus on one thing – to improve the total amount of weight that they can press for one rep. The following tips will help the lifters to increase their maximum single repetition lift.


First, the lifter must learn to conserve their energy. One must learn the strength training techniques that will help them to lift the largest amount of weight by utilizing the smallest amount of energy possible. For this, the lifters must use their spotter for lifting the bar out of its rack. Try to do some effective handoff using the spotter; make sure handoff is quick and smooth. Be quick, but controlled while bringing the bar to the chest during the eccentric phase. Also, try to involve all the muscle while doing the lift.

Another effective strength training technique is to reduce the distance one move the weight. In powerlifting both weight and distance are important. The lifters must learn to reduce the distance to be able to move largest amount of weight without increasing the amount of power. While doing bench press, try to arch your back as much as possible; this helps in increasing your bench press. The shoulder blades must be squeezed together – this helps in keeping the bench in contact with shoulders throughout the lift. Powerlifters know the importance of breathing exercises and the one must keep that in mind while doing bench presses. Take deep breath into your chest and hold it in the eccentric phase; release the breath slowly in the concentric phase. Use the triceps to lock your arms out – this will help in locking out the weight. But remember not to raise the weight higher.


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