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Consequences of Terminating Strength Training Routines

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Many fitness enthusiasts join an exercise routine with amazing dedication and start losing motivation after a while. Of course, we all like to take a one or two days break between our exercise schedules; but putting an end to strength training routines all of a sudden can have drastic consequences – both physically and mentally.

strength Training Routines

Exercising regularly has a number of benefits such as enhanced levels of fitness, protection against diseases, improved mood etc. Research studies have proved that these benefits are acquired over a period and when you put off the exercise schedule abruptly, your current levels of fitness take a dip. Moreover, once you start working out after a long break, you will have to put in more effort and energy to make up for the loss.

Stopping strength training routines suddenly also increases chances of the body to succumb to diseases. David Kump, a researcher at University of Missouri-Columbia stated that his studies have revealed the negative effects of putting off fitness routines for a long period. He commented that being inactive even for two days could increase the risk of obesity and insulin. Another article published in the Journal of the Physiological Society (Nov 2004) also echoed the same thing.

Apart from adverse effects on the body, lack of exercise also negatively affects the mind. Studies have proved that withdrawal from fitness routines for a long stretch of time gives rise to depression, fatigue etc.

Considering the adverse affects of putting off fitness schedule suddenly, it is important to continue with exercising some way or the other. Be creative and make the exercise routine fun. This will keep you motivated and you will never lose the urge of withdrawing yourself from fitness activities.


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