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Intriguing Fitness Gifts

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas is round the corner and now all of us are looking forward to bring a smile on the faces of our loved ones with the help of gifts. However, many people feel at a loss when it comes to an ideal gift for a fitness enthusiast. We provide few gift ideas for people who love to keep themselves healthy and fit.

Fitness Gifts

Fitness Books- All fitness maniacs love to acquire information about exercise routines and diet tips. You can give them fitness books that discuss the basics of strength training or provide information regarding development of speed, endurance, flexibility etc. This may include Thomas Kurz’s “Science of Sports Training”, or “Science and Practice of Strength Training” by Dr. Vladimir Zatsiorsky and Dr. William Kraemer.

Exercise Balls- Apart from books, you can also present exercise balls to a fitness enthusiast. They add an element of fun to the workout routine and provide health benefits such as strengthening the abs and the lower back. They can also be used while exercising with dumbbells and come with additional support so that the movement is perfect during weight training.

Gym Bags- Regular gym-goers love to carry a bag that is stylish and has loads of space. Gifting them a large gym bag will definitely be appreciated and loved.

Fitness DVDs- One can also consider gifting exercise DVDs to people who are serious about their exercise routines. This may include Squat Workout DVD where Louie Simmons provides detailed information about deadlifts and squats. Alternatively, the Ultimate Boxing Workout DVD Volume 1 is ideal for those who are enthusiastic about boxing workouts. This special DVD will also help one to improve balance, rhythm, agility, speed etc.

With a little bit of effort and research, one can easily zero on a gift that will bring smile on the face of your loved one. Do consider the taste and requirements of the person while choosing the right fitness gifts.


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