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Dynamic Effort Training with Westside Barbell

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Earlier we provided a brief overview of day 1 of squat training at Westside Barbell. Today we will be discussing the dynamic effort method that is followed on day 2, i.e. on Friday. Dynamic effort method can be defined as lifting weights (sub-maximal) with the highest attainable speed. It can be recalled that the purpose of squat training on day 2 is to work on the neuromuscular system.

Dynamic Effort Training

More information are provided below:

• In Westside Barbell, squat training on day 2 is performed with the help of box squats.

• Box squats are executed on a box that is 1 to 2 inches below parallel.

• The percentages of the weight of the squat are executed in a wave style for 4 weeks. Afterwards, they are repeated. An example will make the concept clearer. 1st week is 50 %, 2nd week 55 %, 3rd week 58 %, and 4th week 60 %.

• If you are using bands or chains, they must be used along with the weights. It is recommended to use weights because they help to develop accelerating and explosive strength and to execute the perfect form.

• It is important to perform each repetition with compensatory acceleration. Speed of the bar should be explosive and fast. For example, let us assume that you are doing squats with 800 pounds and the training weight is 400 pounds. The force that be applied to the bar must be 800 pounds of force.

• Westside Barbell prefers training with a light squat suit and flat sole shoes that include Converse Chuck Taylors, wrestling shoes.

Today we have discussed the major features of dynamic effort training. In our next blog, we will be providing information regarding how to perform squat training on day 2, repetitions and the rest periods.



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