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Lou’s Equipment – Deadlift Jack

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

While loading the bar for deadlifts most of the powerlifters expand a lot of energy. As a result, they need to rest even before starting their deadlifts. Even if one tries to roll the bar up onto a plate that weighs 5 pound, chances are high that either it is going to roll off or the users will not be able to get their plates tight. In both the cases, they will flop over. At Westside Barbell, Louie Simmons use the Deadlift Jack for making loading and unloading the bar an easy task.

Deadlift Jack

To use this exercise equipment one simply needs to hook it under the bar and then pull the deadlift jack back on the handle. Also, remember to add the plates before you raise the handle and put the bar back on the ground. In general, the standard model of deadlift jack that you get at Westside Barbell will fit a standard IPF bar. Better yet, they also work on the wider bars. Since the deadlift jack of Westside Barbell bolts together, it will help you to keep the shipping costs in check. However, welded version of this exercise machine is also available.

In case you are using the dedicated wide deadlift bar, it is better to go the deadlift jack that has wider jack. Such exercise equipment will ensure added stability. To make hooking under the bar easier, this exercise machine comes with taller bar cradle and also has added a handgrip. In addition, long handle facilitates increased leverage and at the same time can reduce the effort that you usually require to lift a load. The round tubing pivot and the three points of contact make this exercise equipment stable on uneven ground.


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