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Louie's System of Strength Training

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Strength training is all about huge numbers of bench pressing, squatting and regular deadlifts. No, it’s not; if you are following Louie's system of strength training. Louie Simmons uses a series of exercises to work on your target muscles as a whole. Instead of performing regular deadlifts off the floor, the powerlifters of Westside Barbell perform max lifts in different pulling and squatting movements. For bench pressing, Louie recommends for only 55% of the 1 repetition max for performing 8-10 sets while doing 3 reps.

Strength Training

At Westside, the squat, deadlift, and bench press are worked over a 4-day period every week. Two days are known as dynamic or speed day, and the other two days are called max effort day. During the max effort day, conjugate method of training is practiced whereas on the dynamic day, the powerlifters use a good percentage of their one rep max for working the box squat and bench press. On these days, the powerlifters concentrate more on building bar speed and are expected to generate tons of compensatory acceleration. In fact, the Westside Barbell powerlifters do generate more force than required for lifting the weights on the bar. These strength-training days are dedicated to perfect your form and technique.

On the max effort days, you will be simply lifting huge amounts of weight. It will help you to get very strong as you work up to a maximum effort single. This strength training routine is usually repeated for 3-5 weeks, after which they will switch your exercises. This way, you don’t have to perform the same strength training routine week after week.

Remember to maintain a gap of at least 72 hours between the dynamic or speed day and max effort day.


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