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Rounding Off Squat Training in Westside Barbell Style

Friday, December 24, 2010

Earlier we have provided a brief overview of the squat training that is executed at Westside Barbell on day 2 (also known as the speed day). Today we will be discussing the correct methods for performing it and also provide information about reps and rest period.

Squat Training in Westside Barbell Style

• For performing box squats correctly, fix up the squat in a position, which is comparatively wider than the normal stance. Also, keep your feet pointed towards the forward direction.

• Next, arch the back region, pull the shoulder blades together and move the head into the bar. Afterwards move the knees apart and try to push your abdomen against the belt.

• Once you are done, lower yourself gently. Push back the hips and then bend the knees.

• Pause on the box squat for few seconds and start again.

• On the speed day, Westside Barbell recommends 8-12 sets of 2 repetitions. The rest period usually varies between 45-60 seconds between the sets.

• Once the box squat workout is over, exercisers are instructed to execute the same assistance groups (as on day 1). Special attention will be given on the weak areas.

• The total duration of these workouts should approximately take 1 hour. Research studies have proved that testosterone levels are on the rise during the first 20 minutes of the workout session. It has also been stated that the most crucial time of training lies between the first 20-50 minutes and afterwards, the testosterone levels start decreasing. It can be mentioned here that work sets are executed in Westside Barbell within the first 50 minutes.

This marks the end of squat training in Westside Barbell style. It is important to follow all these steps with whole-hearted dedication to achieve the results.

Stay healthy and have fun!


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