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Polish up the Basic Gym Etiquettes

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Most people are aware of the concept of ‘healthy living’ and rush to the gym for sculpting their bodies these days. Unfortunately, many don’t pay attention to what is known as gym etiquettes. The result is that they annoy other people at the gym and come across as inconsiderate and insensitive. We point out few gym etiquettes that should be considered by people who regularly take part in fitness sessions or those who have started out recently.

Gym Etiquettes

• After you are done with weight training routine, put back the weights from the place you availed them. It is inconvenient for other people to look around for weights. In fact, barbell and other weights lying all over the place can even cause accidents by people tripping over them.

• Give attention to personal hygiene. If your gym does not provide a towel, carry your personal towel. Once you have finished working out on the fitness equipment, wipe it properly so that no traces of sweat are left.

• Avoid grunting or screaming while working out. It is alright to breathe a bit loudly if you are lifting heavy weights, but grunting is disturbing and annoying.

• There are many gyms where one needs to finish working out on the fitness equipment within a limited time, especially during the peak hours. Respect the rule and avoid overstretching your time limit.

• Keep the phone on silent mode while working out at the gym. Chatting on the phone while working out at the gym creates unnecessary noise and confusion.

• Avoid giving out unnecessary advices to others, unless you have been asked to voice your opinion.

Following these gym etiquettes religiously will make your experience of working out more pleasurable. In fact, this may also encourage others to consider these basic rules.


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