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Relish Good Health with Opticen

Thursday, December 16, 2010

In one of our earlier blog post, we had highlighted the importance of a useful health supplement – AtLarge Nutrition’s Results. Today we will be discussing another fitness supplement that is loaded with a number of beneficial properties.


Opticen is hardly the ordinary and a regular health supplement. Makers of Opticen have performed painstaking research to make it a high quality post-workout supplementation and an impressive meal replacement product. The fact, which makes Opticen special, is that while most PWO (post-workout) supplements are loaded with carbohydrates and proteins, this health supplement also contains fats. Many people have the wrong notion that fats in a PWO supplement weaken the impact of carbohydrate and protein ingestion. In fact, research studies have proved that PWO, which includes fats, is the most effective.

Dietary fats provide support to circulating testosterone levels and makers of Opticen have included it in the product so that it enables the user to relish complete hormonal support. Apart from fats, Opticen protein complex has been loaded with milk and whey protein isolates, isolated casein peptides, instantized egg albumin etc. All these different forms of protein have various absorption rates and this, in turn, helps in the promotion of enhanced net retention. This means that greater amount of amino acids are available for growth of the muscles.

To be more specific, every serving of this beneficial health supplement contains 40g of protein, 8g of fats, 35g of carbohydrates and 26 key minerals and vitamins that makes it an ideal PWO supplement. In fact, Opticen is also ideal for people who lead a busy lifestyle and do not have the time to take a regular meal. Place three scoops of Opticen in the mixer, shake it well and you can get a nutritious, satisfying, tasty and yet healthy meal.

Start living healthy with Opticen!


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