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Burn More Calories in Lesser Time with Kickboxing

Monday, January 3, 2011

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Kickboxing is an intense cardio workout program that has become popular amongst fitness freaks in USA. We point out the various reasons why one should take up this fascinating form of workout.


Weight Loss- With kickboxing, you can burn an enormous amount of calories. Studies have revealed that a person who weighs 175 pounds can burn nearly 400 calories in 30 minutes session of kickboxing. In fact with this fitness system, one can burn 6-8.3 calories per minute.

Stress Reduction- It is a known fact that exercises help to lower the stress levels. Kickboxing allows some degree of controlled violence, through the punches and kicks. This helps to release aggressive feelings, frustration and anger in a socially accepted way.

Building Strength- Kickboxing provides a whole body workout and targets all the major muscle groups. This fitness system is ideal for those who want to experience vigorous workout within a limited timeframe.

Self-Defense- Kickboxing is a form of martial arts and provides the groundwork for self-defense training. You get to learn about quick punches and kicking with your feet. All these information may prove to be useful in any dangerous situation. Kickboxing techniques help you to sharpen your reflexes and enhance your overall physical coordination.

Improved Flexibility- With time, the flexibility of the body decreases, partly due to ageing and partly due to an inactive lifestyle. A study conducted by The American Council on Exercise revealed that kickboxing helps to increase overall flexibility of the body and makes it stronger.

Heart Health- The American Heart Association recommends regular cardiovascular exercise for keeping the heart healthy. Kickboxing is a good cardiovascular exercise and increases the heart rate to maximum 85 % (this is within the guidelines provided by AHA). This means that you can keep your heart happy with this unique fitness system.


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