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Medifast Diet Program - Clinically Proven to be Effective

Monday, January 3, 2011

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Christmas and New Years are always associated with family gathering, parties, delicious dishes, and unfortunately weight gain. If you have been a victim of overeating this holiday season, we have this blog post especially for you. The Medifast diet program is an ideal option for losing weight fast and safely without starving yourself. This meal replacement diet-program is clinically proven to be effective. In fact, it was originally conducted at Johns Hopkins University, a reputable medical institution of United States.

Medifast Diet Program

Researchers of Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health too have conducted studies on this weight loss program and found it to be twice effective that traditional diet plans. In fact, Medifast diet program is more popular than the programs based on the dietary guidelines published by American Diabetes Association. In a study conducted by Hopkins University, it was found that patients with type 2 diabetes lost twice the weight with Medifast, than those following ADA recommended diet.

As a result, Medifast diet program is highly recommended by doctors. More than 20,000 doctors have recommended this diet plan all over the world since 1980. The program is easy to follow and offers more than 60 different meal choices.

Tired of boiled vegetables and tasteless health drinks? Start on Medifast diet program and you can have soups, shakes, hot and cold drinks, puddings, stew, chili, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, and bars. Better yet, all the meals are delivered to your home.

With Medifast program, you eat 6 times a day; it is based around the “5 & 1 Plan” meal combination - 1 "Lean and Green Meal", which you can prepare yourself and 5 Medifast meals. You can eat the lean and green meal any time during the day and it may include up to five ounces of beef, lamb, or pork, or up to seven ounces of fish, turkey or chicken.

Have a healthy diet and a healthier life with Medifast.


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