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High Protein Low Carb Diet Plan - Is It Good For You?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

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There are many different ways to lose weight. Those who are overweight desperately looking to lose weight will spend an entire week straining themselves too much on extreme workouts in the hope that they will lose pounds. Those who don't like the idea of working out will go to the nearest clinic or hospital to undergo high volume liposuction which will not only be very expensive but can also very risky procedure. Others would just stick to their diet which can be effective but will surely take time. However, among all, diet is often considered as great alternative to lose weight.
High Protein Low Carb Diet Plan

One of the many diet plans ever introduced and still gaining popularity despite its high cost is the "Ideal Protein Diet". This is actually a low carb diet plan which has been developed under the theory of cutting the carbohydrate in the diet so that the body will use the stored fats and convert them to energy. These results in fat reduction, muscle tone enhancement and reduces cellulite. The sole idea of losing weight through this diet plan can be great however, it is just wise to learn more about its pros and cons before you actually get yourself into it.

Ideal Protein Diet Review - Considering A Low Carb Diet Because Of A High Protein Diet Plan

There are certain considerations about a low carb diet that you should at least know before considering a such a diet plan.

1. A low carb diet diminishes healthy glycogen in muscles and liver which can result in dehydration and weight loss but not definitely fat loss.

2. Diminished muscle glycogen from a low card diet will result in tiredness and fatigue.

3. A low carb diet runs the risk of metabolic acidosis state also known as ketosis. Induced ketosis results in headaches, irritability, bad breath, and many other health problems.

These are just few of the known side effects of a low carb diet when you will consider a high protein diet for losing weight. A balanced and healthy nutrition is very much important for our system. You can actually lose weight with balanced nutrition coupled with discipline and a regular exercise instead of spending too much on expensive diet programs. Remember, when starting or trying out any type of diet it is always best to talk and to consult with your doctor first - especially when it comes to some crazy fad diet telling you only to each one or two things.

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