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The Secret to a Successful Diet Plan

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

People have different preferences for diet plans when it comes to losing weight. Some like to follow a high-protein diet, while others prefer carbohydrate-rich diet. No matter what type of diet plan you are following, maintaining a food journal is always recommended. We provide more information regarding how a food diary can help you in weight loss.

Diet Plan

• Using a food journal can help you to stick to a healthy diet. You can keep a track of everything you are consuming throughout the day and thus understand the source of your extra calories. Many times, we take a bite from other’s plates and forget all about it when we calculate our calorie intake. Thus, we assume that we have consumed 1000 calories, whereas in reality our total calorie intake was 1200.

• According to a recent survey, almost 25 % of people who wish to follow a healthy diet underestimate their daily calorie consumption. Writing down the food items that you are consuming throughout the day will help you to calculate the daily calorie consumption correctly.

• Maintaining a food diary means that you need to write down every extra snack you eat or cheat on your diet plan. This accountability can assist you to curb your mindless eating to some extent.

• Using food journal as part of your fitness program can help you to get an honest opinion about your diet plan. It helps you to analyze it and understand whether you are taking enough of fruits, veggies and other healthy foods and make changes accordingly.

With the help of a food diary, not only you can stick to a diet program successfully, but can also lose weight fast.


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