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Transform Your Abs Radically with Core Training

Friday, January 28, 2011

Most fitness enthusiasts are obsessed with carving out six-pack abs and a shapely body. There is nothing wrong with that, except the fact that they should concentrate more on the core muscles. Exercise is not only about losing weight and getting into shape, it should also be about building a strong body and living a healthy life. With core training, you can enjoy all these benefits and more. We point out some advantages of this fitness program.

Core Training

• With core training, you can prevent injuries because it helps to build strong muscles. The muscles become well equipped to handle compression and rotational forces in a better way and this helps to avoid joint and back injuries. This fitness training also helps to reduce injury when we lift things, which most of us do on a regular basis.

• Weak pelvic muscles may interfere with proper bowel functioning. This fitness program helps you to build strong pelvic muscles (pelvic muscles are part of the core) and this in turn, will lead to improved bowel functioning.

• Most middle-aged men develop a protruding stomach, which provides an out-of-shape look and leads to a slouched posture. Core training works on the abdominal muscles and strengthens them, which helps the person to enjoy an upright posture and a shapely stomach.

• With this fitness program, you can lift more weights because a strong core helps in the stabilization of the whole body. This is especially important for all those who love to indulge themselves in weight-training routines such as bench press and squat.

Core training is an ideal fitness program not only for those who are into serious weight training, but also for people who want to live a healthy and injury-free life.


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