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Get a Lean, Mean Body with Deadlifts

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Deadlift can be defined as a powerlifting exercise where a person is required to pick up weights (barbell, dumbbell, trapbar) from the ground. The exerciser must assume a bent-over position while starting, and end up in an upright position. Deadlift is considered to be one of the best muscle-building exercises and is ideal for all those who want to increase their strength.


More on the benefits of deadlifts-

• Deadlift is a compound movement and works on a number of muscles of the body that include minor and supplementary muscles (also known as stabilizer muscles). It can be mentioned here that fitness equipments hardly work on these stabilizer muscles and this, in turn, can make a person more prone to injury and damage.

• It increases the metabolic rate, thus aiding in fat loss.

• All those who want to enhance their grip strength can opt for deadlifts. It is one of the rare exercises where one is required to hold enormous amounts of weight manually, and this in turn, tightens the forearms and increases the grip strength. Good grip strength is required for other powerlifting exercises like bench press.

• Deadlift is also known to strengthen the spine and enhance the body posture. It is an ideal workout for those powerlifters, who are suffering from the lordosis (excessive inward curvature of the back). This form of powerlifting is known to tighten muscles of the lower back and helps a person to get rid of lower back imbalances.

• Not many people are aware of the fact that deadlift is an amazing cardiovascular exercise. It works on the cardiovascular system and helps one to lose weight and reduce the blood pressure.

• It perks up the immune system, thus helping a person to recover quickly from illnesses.

A common myth about deadlift is that it is a dangerous exercise, which must be avoided. This is a myth and is not based on any scientific evidence. All one needs to do is to perform deadlifts in the correct way and reap its manifold benefits.


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