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Lou’s Equipment – Battling Ropes

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Louie Simmons has been the inspiration of many powerlifters since he made one of the top ten in the Powerlifting News in 1972. Simmons is one of the six lifters who totaled Elite in five weight classes and the only powerlifter over the age of 50 who squatted 920 pounds and total of more than 2100 pounds. Being the owner and strength trainer of the legendary Westside Barbell, Louie worked with around twenty-five National and World Champion powerlifters. His strength training routine does not including big numbers of squatting, bench or other regular deadlifts. Instead, you are required to do a series of exercises to work on your targeted muscles. In addition, Louie uses certain special fitness equipment, better known as “Lou’s Equipment” among the powerlifters of Westside Barbell. One of these equipments is the battling ropes, developed by John Brookfield.

Lou’s Equipment – Battling Ropes

Battling ropes has been one of the favorites of Simmons for achieving the utmost conditioning for all sports. It also helps to build a death grip and can increase your range of motion greatly. Simmons believes that these ropes can be a serious strength-training partner for sore shoulders. In addition, it can push your muscular and cardio endurance. He recommends battling ropes for those who want to train alone or with training partners.

Simmons use the Manila ropes and those who are buying them from Westside Barbell will get end-capped Manila ropes. It is 1.5” in diameter and 50 ft in length. While using the Manila ropes, anchor it around any smooth surface such as power rack, a pole, bench, or kettlebell. This way, you can reach to whole new level of conditioning and can also develop your power, grip strength, cardio and muscular endurance.


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