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Opt for Maximum Effort Training in Westside Barbell Style

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In our earlier blog posts, we have discussed in details about the different exercises that are performed at Westside Barbell as part of the squat training routine. To make things clearer, in today’s post we will be providing a sample of the ideal exercise routine of day 1 (Maximum Effort Training).

Maximum Effort Training

Good Mornings with Safety Square Bar- Start warming up with the bar and keep on adding weight. Remember that most of the reps per set should be around three. Once you become tired, you can switch to singles.

Glute Ham Raises- It is recommended to do multiple sets (around five). Repetitions can either be lighter sets to failure or heavy five's.

Reverse Hyper- While using reverse hyper, opt for 4-5 sets of heavy weight sets of five. Alternatively, you can also go for 3 sets of lighter weight sets ranging from 10-15.

Pull Down ABS- For Pull Down ABS, there are no fixed rules with regard to reps or count sets. However, you should aim to do at least 6-8 sets of 10 to 20 reps.

Pre-habitation- Pre-habitation workouts aim to enhance the work capacity and train stabilizing muscles so that injuries can be avoided. These exercises consist of dragging, lat work, reverse curls and all those workouts that are usually considered unnecessary by most people. Pre-habitation exercises will hardly take 20 minutes.

Nutrition- After you complete the exercises on day 1, you can opt for a post-workout meal. It may include fruits, chicken or vegetable sandwich, a glass of milk or protein shakes. Keep yourself well hydrated throughout the squat training session and have at least 2-3 cups of water post workout.

We provided a rough sample of the squat training that should be performed on Day 1. You can always modify this routine according to your preferences and strength.


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