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Super-Charge Your Exercise Machines for Better Performance

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Most fitness maniacs love to use exercise machines for toning the body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, one must use the fitness equipments in the right way for getting the most out of them. We provide few tips regarding how you can make the exercise machines work better for you.

Exercise Machines,Fitness Equipment

• It is important to change your body position regularly while using the equipments. This will prevent boredom from creeping into your fitness routine and challenge the muscles on a consistent basis. For example, while using exercise machines such as seated chest press and leg extension, change the position of the seat by an inch or two, down or up.

• Another way you can maximize the benefits of the fitness equipments is by avoiding the use of support pads. For example, while doing leg extensions do not use the back support and for hip extensions, avoid using the chest pad. These little tips will help you to tighten the core muscles and thus enhance your fitness levels.

• Opt for triceps and biceps equipments that come with different handles for each hand. Select a heavy weight that can be lifted for 6-8 times with one hand. Once exhausted, hold the other handle with the opposite arm. This means that you are taking help of both the arms for lifting the weight. Execute 8-10 repetitions. This trick will exhaust muscle fibers in the first arm and help the muscles to grow faster.

Incorporate these simple suggestions in your fitness routine and you will be getting the most out of the exercise machines. Enjoy!


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